Apron Dress

Have the fabric washed and dried...its a lovely shade of dark green. Sort of a forest color. Now Im unsure..to cut out the dress with just flared pieces or straight rectangles with small triangle gores to give the fullness. Ive found references to both but...which is the more accurate. Im sure it has to do with the amount of fabric they had to use whether they made gores out of scraps was determined if they had the width of fabric to use or not. There is also conflicting information on the straps to the apron dress. MOre on that later. Also looking for references to embroidery on the linen caps they wore. Found one but not sure of its validity. Being im on the laptop at my inlaws house doing all this instead of home where my links are, ill post them later when we get home.

Just wanted to keep you updated. And im open to suggestions, posts, links etc.


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