So having been woken up early by nature's call and not being able to get back to sleep, i came down to my trusty machine and began researching some more on the outfit. I read that the gown under the apron dress was usually made of a bright colored linen. This surprised me because a lot of references I had seen show a woman wearing a white dress under the apron dress. This didn't make sense to me so my assumption was the white dress was actually the underwear and the brightly colored gown was the outer dress that was directly under the apron dress, making it three layers instead of the two I had originally thought. I called my mentor up with my thoughts and assumptions and she confirmed I was indeed correct and when you do see someone walking around in the white gown with the apron on top they were missing a layer and wearing their underwear as the main gown. LOL! Well this came as a relief to me as, with the economy the way it is, money is snug for us as well. This means I can raid my stash of linen for the outer gown and not have to buy more for the moment! I actually have this stunning bright blue that a friend brought back as a gift from Pennsic for me that would make an excellent gown for under the apron dress. With the apron being a forest green..they will go well together. (Blue being documentable by the use of woad.) WOOHOO!!


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