Still here...

Yes i know its been about a week since last post but with holiday traveling and kids getting back to school...time hasn't been abundant. So...I am researching the apron dress. I have found a couple examples:

This is imagery of the apron dress i'd prefer to make:

I have found others and as soon as I can scan in from book sources, I shall(problems with my scanner...most likely operator trouble).

I have purchased a nice white linen to create the cap with. I am washing and drying it for durability and practicality. (I have a husband that doesn't pay attention to items that should not be put in the dryer. Lost many pieces of my wardobe to that..)

I have also procured a wonderful green linen to make the apron dress out of from They are my favorite source for linen fabric.

In my research I have also found references and some extant images of caftan type coats. Im thinking with time permitting i may add this to the outfit. I really like this idea better than a cloak. Sleeves!!! What a concept! Most definatly will be made from a wool. Again..along with the apron find the right wool. (Our Jomar just isnt that great any longer).

While visiting my in laws for a birthday celebration this weekend, Ill be working on the hood. Promise to post pictures from there. Mom in law has a wonderfully long diningroom table that is just perfect for cutting out fabric on. :)

As a small break from researching today i watched some Sex and the City reruns while making cloth buttons and sewing them onto a cotehardie for a friend. On a cool rainy day it was a nice activity.


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