Yes it has been eons since ive posted. Life....errupted shall we say and was thrown into upheaval for me...literally. But, I am back into the swing of things, mostly. I have not been idle though as keeping my hands busy is always a means to keep me out of trouble.

What have I been doing? Lets see how many pics of what Ive been doing i can upload.
Well, Of course there is always the photography that I am doing. Camera is never out of my hands at events and there have been several since my last posting. Pics listed here:

I was apprenticed to Mistress Bricia de Neubold for embroidery at EKWC two weekends ago and here is two images of that:

I embroidered a tissue cover for a Pennsic Project. I didnt get a picture of the finished project cause I finished it and mailed it off to the royalty to get it to them ontime. The only pic i had was when i first started doing it. Here is an image of the embroidery at the begining:

I have also been paying back a friend for moving me with their company van when I had to move in June. As payment I am making them some more garb so they have more than two outfits to wear during their two week stay at Pennsic war. Those items include over tunic, two undertunics, two pair of braes, three pair of chauces and I had made a couple hoods for them int he past, one with their arms embroidered on it.

I also made two blue roman type tunics out of a gauze type fabric for the boys for EKWC so they had something cooler to wear. Resembled a dalmatica. (ill have to get them to put them on and let me take a pic of them for this page)

When my garb obligation is done, I will be finishing up a pilgrims bag Im making for someone and then onto an embroidered book chemise/cover based on research i have been doing. Pictures will be posted. :)


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