So I made a new outfit for Baron Seoan William O'Donovan(celtic spelling: not even gonna try it). He requested I make the outfit as part of a barter for furntiture for camping for me. So, I did. The Tan greenland style tunic I made has red bands of linen on the sleeves with split stitched embroidered bees which are what are on his dvice. The tunic itself is a natural colored linen. Also made is the green brocade jacket which is suppose to be belted with a sash but he chose to wear it on the outside for a different look. Lined with satin as well. Red linen basic loose pants complete the look. I based the outfit design off of images he linked me (which I cant find the link for at the moment). Having had worked till the last minute to get this done, I didnt get a close up of the embroidered arm bands, but have asked his wife to take an image for me and send it so I will post later along with the link for the extant pieces this outfit was inspired from.

Here is a close up of the embroidered bees on the arm bands.


  1. Love it! Looks fantastic!

    ~Nest verch Gruffydd

  2. I am now looking into a belt worthy enough to be worn with this outfit.

    Thank you very much for your skill and sweat. I am very happy with the result and hope that my meager skills will prove to be ample payment for your gift.

  3. @ Seoan: Your skills are HARDLY MEAGER! ;) And you look Fabu in the outfit! I beamed when I saw you walking around in it. ;) (the laughing pic is my fav)

  4. Thank you again for all of your hard work! The outfit looked wonderful. :)

    (The laughing pic is my fav too. *grin*)


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