Recent Project: Embroidered Rus Tunic

This tunic was part of a barter deal. My friend below did some woodworking for me and I returned the favor in kind by making a tunic.

Being 12th century Rus', a little research into the style (most of which he had done already) I made this tunic out of 100% black linen (also gotten from

The embroidery was done in DMC cotton thread (as it is what i had on hand and due to financial constraints was unable to get silk or wool, at present time).

All the seams were tacked down with split stitch in contrasting colors.

His households colors are black and red. His personal device is blue and white/silver. I decided to incorporate these colors into the embroidery to make it just a bit more personalized for him.

It all pulled together nicely and he was quite pleased with it, as am I.


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