Starting a new project: Apprentege tippets!

At Balfar's Challenge in April, I was made the Protoge to Master Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen and the Apprentice of Mistress Mirabel Belchere. In lieu of a belt...or two, I was given tippets made of wool: one yellow and one green.  Well, I discovered during the warmer weather that wool tippets were...uncomfortable. So, I was charged with making linen ones with their arms embroidered on the ends. Here is the start of that project.  My diningroom lighting has made the fabric look olive colored but it is quite kelly green. 

Drawing wyverns on fabric has proven to be more difficult than I thought but, here is my pattern for which I will embroider on. Her arms colors are yellow and blue. 

More pictures as I progress along.


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