Norse Viking Tunic

I just recently finished this Norse viking tunic for my boyfriend.

The materials I used are:

4 yards of linen fabric pre washed and dried
Coats and Clark sewing thread
DMC cotton embroidery floss
Sol-U-Film Light wash away embroidery stabilizer

I used the basic viking tunic pattern and machine sewed it together. I did machine sew the hem and cuffs as I planned to do hand embroidered seam finishing to hide the mundane stitching.   There will be a separate blog post about seam finishing shortly.

I found a design online of these wolves heads and printed one out in the size I wanted.  Then I used the embroidery stabilizer (God I love this stuff!!! Worth the expensive price it is) by tracing the pattern on it in ink pen and basted it onto the tunic. I used a double herringbone stitch on the collar, cuffs and hem as well to dress it up, then did the split stitch seam tracing as well.  I am very pleased with how it came out.  I am debating entering it in the display at A&S Champs this weekend...that is, if he will let me. He is wanting to wear it badly. :D

Comments are welcome as well as suggestions.


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