Laurel Cloak

It has now been presented so I can freely post about it.  This weekend a friend was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. I was contacted to create the cloak for her.  I was given a design to create and the base fabric of the cloak.

Materials were:

Wool blend green fabric
Antique satin in gold
gold silk embroidery twisted thread
green Coats & Clark sewing thread.
fusible webbing

The design was given to me as it was appropriate for her persona so I went along with it. I adhered the leaves with the webbing for a more secure hold and then did a blanket stitch along each leaf for both durability and texture. I lined the cloak with the same fabric to hide all the stitching.

I felt it needed a bit more so I added the running stitching along the hem line. It made it pop that much better in my opinion.


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