And..another new hobbie begins

So, last night a friend convinced me to go with her to her ceramics class. I rarely get out and do things just for myself so I said yes.  When I got inside I was given several areas of biskware to pick from to paint.  Not being a particularly cutsie holiday chachky kinda gal, I saw plates and bowls and mugs.  So I took a mug and a plate.  I contemplated what pattern to draw and fell back on illumination days and said this could be some nice feast gear.   I penciled on an ivy design and proceeded to paint, picking the ivy to be a heraldic gold and the rest of the plate (outer edge and underside) to be blue.  Here are two pictures of it. Next week Ill be putting the top coat on it (a clear glaze) and have it fired.  You can see the mug in the background. Trying to think of a good design for that.  Im open to suggestions for the mug.  Stay tuned for the finished product!!!

In the meantime, I have completed the white on celtic knotwork tunic of doom for my consort and have started the green. I think I have been working on this tunic for near two years. Im hoping to have it done for him for Crown Tourney (no, not to fight in).  More pictures later of that as well.


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