Elevation Book Completed

So, after a trip to pick up end papers, I sat down last night and completed the construction of the elevation book.  For the most part I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I took extensive photos of its construction, a pictorial documentation. 
Pages being stitched together using linen thread.

Adding ribbons for binding and strength

How ribbons will lay once glued in place

Gluing the ribbons in place. I always smear the glue to spread it.

Boards Glued to the linen lining (helps protect the glue from showing on the silk)

Fold the corners in and stitch closed

Shows corner stitching completed

Book cover assembly done

Gluing in the stitched book pages. The book glue in the picture is what I used.

Showing the pages within the book

End paper chosen for the book

End papers cut to size and glued in
Finished book, front cover


Back cover
I put the book in the book press very lightly overnight to allow it to dry in the proper positioning. When I took it out this morning I was so very pleased with it.  Today I will be mailing it off to the recipient for their elevation on the 12th.  Sadly, I will be unable to attend this joyous occasion due to real life. Real life sucks sometimes, ya know?

Well, onto the next project!


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