My Hands are not Idle...

I am currently working on trim for a friends gown. I have about 15 inches left to go.  It is a Celtic design and I am using a yellow silk embroidery thread with a strand of gold blending filament in it so that it has a little bit of sparkle..just a hint.  Here is a picture of it.

When this is done I have black work cuffs and collar to finish for another friend.  These are the last two things on my "To Do For Others" list.  Then its just me and mine for projects for the remainder of the year. 

I made a promise to myself at the end of 2015 that I would make 2016 a year to concentrate on myself and my family in regards to creative endeavors.  I have a tunic for my fiance that is sewn together but not embellished. My children only have one tunic that fits them and nothing else.  That needs to be rectified. I also want to make some more viking clothing for myself. I am woefully lacking in garb and almost nothing is embellished.  I want to knit socks for myself and my fiance (who stated the other day that his feet don't sweat and then get cold in the handmade socks). 

Now, I hope to be strong enough to hold to this.  That isn't to say that if a good friend or family member is getting some type of award that needs regalia or just a fancy piece of garb that I wont step up and help..come on! But primarily I want to make things for us.  The old saying "The cobbler's children have no shoes" is so very fitting for me.  Mine also don't have pants or shirts! ;)

Well, thankfully its slow at work and I can embroider during those slow times. In two weeks the boss goes to Florida on vacation for 10 days and it will be a lovely quiet week of work and crafting combination. 

Oh and oh yes...we have bought a house and hope to close on it in the next couple weeks. That will mean making things for the new home as well as fixing it up. I will be busy.

But stay tuned...I will post all that I do. One thing I plan is an embroidered book for myself. Ive made at least half a dozen and given them all away.



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