Tunics for Everyone!!

In a previous post, I'd stated how a friend commissioned me to make two tunics for him. One for wearing during battle and one to wear that was fancier. After a little bit of time (and RL interference) I was able to complete it. It is made of linen with cotton thread for embellishment.  He said his second favorite animal is the raven so I added that in on the design. I embellished edges with double herringbone stitch and then running stitches alongside those.
Front of tunic showing sleeves and the boars

Close up of one of the boars

Knotwork raven on center back (sorry couldn't figure out how to turn the pic)


Detail of embroidery on underarm gusset

embroidery detail of the hemline

ravens on upper arms of the sleeves

He said it was "amazeballs" when he saw it. I'll take that!

Next up.....ANOTHER PELICAN!!!!


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