Yes...yet another update

So..yesterday I delivered the remaining garb to my friend who was in desperate need of it. Their new additions to their wardrobe include: four new over tunics, two under tunics, two pair of braes, three pair of chauces and three hoods. That should hold them for at least a few days from having to do laundry at Pennsic this year.

Now the next project i am doing, which will be a fast one but still nice is a set of (forgive the spelling) Tiraz bands for my friend's husband's fighting coat...I think. Its turkish...which is all greek to me. :) Here is an image of the one band "written out" right before I started the embroidery, which is in black.

Ill post another pic when the embroidery is done, and perhaps at Pennsic this year, if she has time to attach them ill get a pic of them on the cote with the owner wearing it! :)

Thats whats going on so far. Once ive finished these up, I can make a gown or two for myself to wear to Pennsic this year. Im excited!


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