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Norse Viking Tunic

Materials Used:

100% linen fabric 4 yards washed and dried
Cottom DMC Embroidery thread
Coats and Clark sewing thread

Made this tunic for Ryan for his first event, River Wars in Iron Bog in the East Kingdom. He chose a 12th c viking persona (still hashing it out) and i made this.  It was unembellished at the time so afterwards I took some time to spiff it up.  I used a double herringbone stitch around the cuffs, collar and sleeves and used a split stitch to line all the seams. I am very pleased with how it came out as was Ryan.

Tunic completed, folded up
Detail of hem embroidery
Detail of cuffs
Detail of the neckline embroidery
close up of neckline

Detail of split stitch in the arm pit
whole tunic image (yes, he is tall)

Now that it has been given....

This little medallion was a joint project by me and my friend Ryan as a gift for my friend Markessa when she was inducted into the Order of the Maunche at River Wars yesterday. He made the bronze framework and i did the blackwork embroidery. It is black silk thread on white linen. She seemed to really like it.