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Procrastination...the word of the day

So...because of prior projects that needed to get done for a deadline i procrastinated some on my projects for here. But..i have caught up..some. This weekend while at Mother in laws for the weekend, I took use of the very long dining room table. The caftan coat is cut out as well as the blue linen undergown. Since i stupidly forgot my camera at home, tomorrow while the boys are at school I will lay out the cut pieces and take pics of them to post here. Then i will be sewing them up this week. I am on the look out for a nice broach to pin the caftan shut as that was the proper closure used: one large broach at the neckline. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions of where to find a nice one? Please let me know. to my Mom's house to get some time in there! More updates tomorrow!
My mentor asked me to post the pics of the embroidered cloak i made for my son Leo (modeled by my oldest Kyle). Here they are.

At my Mother in laws house (with the long diningroom table) and ill be doing some final cutting out. Unfortunatly i neglected to bring my camera with me (we are here to attend a funeral) so ill borrow my bro in laws. :)

But here are the pics of the cloak...all split stitch in yellow cotton thread (come on a five year old is wearing sure not using silk). Took me about three months give or take. :)

While i was watching a movie the other night...

Embroidered this hood for Leo while watching a movie the other night. Its purple wool with gold cotton thread embroidery. Two hour break from Viking work and such. :)

Cute FYI

My oldest son Kyle has asked for a viking cap to wear to events. Guess Ill have to make him an outfit to wear to go along with it now, won't I? ;)

New Month..and A Gift

Well this month its the plan to do the outer gown/dress of the viking outfit as well as the caftan coat. The fabric for both is pictured above here (via my cell phone camera). The Blue linen on right is the long sleeve outer gown that will show beneath the apron dress. The herringbone fabric to the left (which is actually a lighter blue more than a purpleish...bad lighting i suppose) will be the caftan coat. That fabric was a wonderful gift from my friend Brenwen and its sooooo soft. (thank you Brewen!!)

Will most likely be experimenting with muslin patterns for the dress today as previous obligation projects are mostly done. :)

Hat and Apron dress done!!

Now Im not exactly what went wonky with my camera but pics of both Apron dress and coif were on it. And now..somehow only the coif is. Here are those pictures at least(modeled on my son, Kyle). White silk with white linen ties. The coif is completely hand sewn (not exactly difficult i know). Will have to reshoot the apron dress again, which is simple enough but allergy attack and the resulting exhaustion from it today means it wont happen today.

Now i plan on starting the under gown and if i can find the proper wool, the caftan coat.