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New Projects! SQUEEEE!!

New projects always excite me! I have three on my plate right now..two have no deadline. One is a commissioned book for a friend's elevation. He was given a writ so he is aware of the impending honor.  I am currently doing research on that project. Im contemplating embroidering a scene on one half of the cover, in a similar manner as the alms purses were done (pictured below is an example that is housed at the Met in NYC). More on that when I have a more concrete design.

My other projects are a blackwork set of cuffs and collar for a friend, per her request. Ive started one here. I am going over four spaces because over two on the fabric she provided would make me blind. Im fast approaching that with age so I dont want to hurry it along. ;)

I am using Splendor twisted black silk, one strand, over four as I said. I like how it is coming out.

My other project is a norm...a pair of socks. This is great for me to have at work for when its slow or if I have a particularly chatty client…

And it is finally finished!

This morning, I put the final stitching into the the knotwork tunic for my consort.  I cannot believe it has taken me so long to do it, nearly two years. I am thrilled with how it came out and I look forward to seeing him wear it.

At the collar, I stitched a double herringbone stitch in the matching colors to the hem trim. Then did a running stitch in blue to hem the neckline.  (which the full length shot it had not been done yet)

I am very pleased with how it came out. My guy asked when I was starting his. After a poignant look, I said "Not for a little while dearest".

And now...onto the next project!

Still going....

Just an update on my consort's tunic. I am finally on the last color of the never ending knotwork. When this is done I will be hemming the neckline and the sleeves and doing some other decorative stitching on the upper half of the tunic.  I have hopes to finish it by Crown tourney (no, not so he can fight in it!)  I have been using split stitch for this knotwork.  Here is a pic of it currently:

I am lucky enough to have a boss that doesnt mind if i embroider or knit at work as long as i do all my job duties.

More pics later when its done!

And..another new hobbie begins

So, last night a friend convinced me to go with her to her ceramics class. I rarely get out and do things just for myself so I said yes.  When I got inside I was given several areas of biskware to pick from to paint.  Not being a particularly cutsie holiday chachky kinda gal, I saw plates and bowls and mugs.  So I took a mug and a plate.  I contemplated what pattern to draw and fell back on illumination days and said this could be some nice feast gear.   I penciled on an ivy design and proceeded to paint, picking the ivy to be a heraldic gold and the rest of the plate (outer edge and underside) to be blue.  Here are two pictures of it. Next week Ill be putting the top coat on it (a clear glaze) and have it fired.  You can see the mug in the background. Trying to think of a good design for that.  Im open to suggestions for the mug.  Stay tuned for the finished product!!!

In the meantime, I have completed the white on celtic knotwork tunic of doom for my consort and have started the gre…

Embroidered Trim

Now that they have been worn, I can post about my latest project.  Sometime back in the summer I was approached about embroidering trim for their Highnesses coronation garb. After the pattern was set upon, I got to work.

The materials I used are:

Splendar Silk Embroidery Thread
Dupioni Silk

I used a light box to trace the pattern onto the base fabric. The stitches used were split stitch and chain stitch.  90 inches were embroidered for the edge of his now Majesty's tunic.

Pictures below:

I am in the works currently making an applique to put on her Majesty's gown. I'll post those when it is complete.