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Merry Christmas

Well, will be returning home on Wednesday from visiting parents for the holiday. Ive been contemplating what new project i should do. Im contemplating an embroidered book chemise, a viking outfit for my husband and boys, an intarsa hood for my mentor...not quite sure. Ive got my list on my ipod just wondering what i should do. :) Im open to suggestions...

Next project

So Im done with the viking ensemble. Now onto the next project..which wont be started till after Christmas so I have time to make a couple gifts that were requested of me. Im contemplating what to make; A book chemise? A laurel hood for my mentor? An alms purse for myself? Not sure yet. But you'll be the first to know when I do. Stay tuned!

Viking Outfit

Well, its overdue, but its now done. Due to a new job, prepping for Christmas, things in this project taking longer than i predicted and various other things, I blew my self imposed deadline for the viking outfit. Today the small finishing touches were completed while watching Pirates 3 at Fritzi's house. He was kind enough to take the photos of me wearing the outfit. I noticed in the pictures that the pins on the apron dress are not evenly attached..etc..but i put the outfit on late at night so...better pictures will happen later.
Here they are:

When I wear these to birka Ill have ironed them and am going to work on some trim for the some light embroidery on the blue gown. Also..there will be some make up..cause..damn i look pale here. :)

Well...a little late, but its done. Im happy. Thank you Fritzi for taking the photos for me.