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Surcoat for My Consort

So I neglected to post updated pics of my most recent embroidery project. What I was working on was a new heraldic surcoat for my consort Lord Rory MacLellan.  He use to fight in a kilt but sometime back decided to go with a more appropriate kit.  After much discussion and a great amount of assistance in designing, we came up with this.

 Materials that were used were linen fabric, DMC black embroidery thread, Coats and Clarks sewing thread and fusible webbing.

It is a sleeveless surocat to allow for movement and room for the invisible armor.  Obviously we used the fusible webbing to adhere the shapes to the surcoat then I machine stitched them to the tunic.  

In a previous post, I had shown some embroidered words I was working on. They are attached to the sides of his surcoat roughly knee level. The words say:
"Heroes non sumus nati...ispi erant'ANGULAUERUNT!"

Translation: Heroes are not made, they are cornered!

I used split stitch in contrasting colors to edge the seams…

Newest Project

So, this is the newest project I have started.
Materials: Linen fabric Cotton DMC embroidery thread
I use cotton thread on garb for friends that tend to wash and wear the pieces often. These pieces of clothing tend to take a greater beating (IE: fighter tunics, etc) and I have found it to be stouter in dealing with the punishment the piece of clothing goes through.  Also, being on a tight budget, the amount of silk thread I would need for the projects would be more than I can afford at the moment. So, I make do. I know what was used in period, I just have to work in my budget. The finished product will be revealed in a few weeks. But Ill post updates on this embroidery.  Cheers!

Norse Viking Tunic

Materials Used:

100% linen fabric 4 yards washed and dried
Cottom DMC Embroidery thread
Coats and Clark sewing thread

Made this tunic for Ryan for his first event, River Wars in Iron Bog in the East Kingdom. He chose a 12th c viking persona (still hashing it out) and i made this.  It was unembellished at the time so afterwards I took some time to spiff it up.  I used a double herringbone stitch around the cuffs, collar and sleeves and used a split stitch to line all the seams. I am very pleased with how it came out as was Ryan.

Tunic completed, folded up
Detail of hem embroidery
Detail of cuffs
Detail of the neckline embroidery
close up of neckline

Detail of split stitch in the arm pit
whole tunic image (yes, he is tall)

Now that it has been given....

This little medallion was a joint project by me and my friend Ryan as a gift for my friend Markessa when she was inducted into the Order of the Maunche at River Wars yesterday. He made the bronze framework and i did the blackwork embroidery. It is black silk thread on white linen. She seemed to really like it.

Quicky project

So, as many know, I visited a friend of mine in Wyoming for the first time and at the suggestion of my Mother, I took a gift along. I decided with a piece of linen a friend picked up for me, to make him a hanky (pictured above) embroidered with his last name initial. I washed and dried the fabric so that the sizing was removed and the weave shrunk down. I used white silk embroidery thread.
The stitches I decided to use were satin and split stitch, french knots and a cross stitch pattern.

I am very pleased with how it turned out and my friend loved it.

Now that Pennsic is over, I am finishing a few more commission items and then jumping on the "embroider all the things for me" bandwagon.

More to come....STAY TUNED!!!

Pin On Heralic Sleeves

This past weekend I was the consort for a friend in Crown Tourney here in the East Kingdom. I decided i wanted to make a set of pin on sleeves to go with my persona's garb and took it a little further making them mine and my consort's heraldry, to honor him.

The materials I used were:
Silk dupioni
Grey linen (for lining)
Antique Satin (because purple and green silk were unavailable in my area)
Silk sewing thread and embroidery thread
Coats and Clark sewing thread
Fusible webbing

I measured my arm making a pattern with some muslin initially. then I began building the 'arms'. I used the fusible webbing to keep the device shapes in place while i used split stitch, chain stitch and couching stitches to embellish and hold the appliqued pieces to the ground fabric.
Then I cut them to match the muslin shape along with the linen lining and sewed them by machine. The hems were done by hand with silk sewing thread.

Two pictures of them below.

Figured I'd add these...

Countess Thyra asked me to make a couple of needle cases for her. Here is a picture of them. They are silk embroidery thread on linen with wool 'pages' inside.

Another knitting project complete

Finished another two knitting projects that are going out west to a friend there. Obviously, another hive hat. The scarf was called "Meandering Rib" and I loved how it came out.

Due to allergies, I used acrylic yarn, but its very soft.
Out in the mail it goes tomorrow! :)

Next project is....... stay tuned!

Beehive hat

Got addicted to making these beehive hats. I think this one made number 8 since November when I learned the pattern. I have it almost memorized at this point!

Swap Gift

Now that the gift has been received, I can post the pictures of the embroidered book cover I made for a gentle in Nova Scotia.

I based the design from this image:
The materials I used were:

Silk embroidery thread
Gold spangles
Blue raw silk for the ground fabric
Black linen (for lining and protecting the interior embroidery threads)

My original plan in making this gift was to find a small bible (his persona is christian and he had several pater noster already) and embroider a cover to fit it. In period, the wealthy would have commissioned a book of hours to carry with them. It would have had a cover either an elegantly tooled leather cover or an embroidered one. This was my plan. However...there was a grievous lack of tiny bibles in my area so I improvised and found a small journal at the local Staples and created the cover for that.

Im very pleased with how this cover came out. I recalled a couple of issues I had with the last book cover I made and made sure to correct these.  I wa…

Birka Projects

Birka has happened! I have been busy with many projects that needed to be completed for this weekend.  The first was a gown for a friend.

A non-fitted cotehardie for my friend shown below.

There is also a viking tunic matching this gown that I made for her Lord. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it.

I also embroidered a strip of black linen in Cryllic with the saying "By endurance we conquer".

 The embroidery was in split stitch and when in small areas, satin stitch. I kept the stitches tight as this piece was being added to an already existing fighting tunic. I wanted as minimal snagging as possible should a weapon connect with the band.

Below you can see how it was attached on the side. I am very happy with how it turned out, as is the friend who wears it. 
I have one or two more projects for friends that I am finishing up and then starting some items for myself. I want to clear my plate of the things that are "mostly done".

Updates to happen!! :D
So, it has been a while since I have updated my blog. It has been a busy six months. But ten minutes ago I finished these four scarves for my two boys and their friends (per a group request). Found the varigated dyed yarn at Walmart and decided that the colors (Vikings, I believe) are also the East Kingdom's colors. I knit four scarves for the boys in the style of Hogwarts. 
Personally...I like the East Kingdom scarves better. They are all the rage now...everyone will be wearing them this winter! ;D