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Yes it has been eons since ive posted. Life....errupted shall we say and was thrown into upheaval for me...literally. But, I am back into the swing of things, mostly. I have not been idle though as keeping my hands busy is always a means to keep me out of trouble.
What have I been doing? Lets see how many pics of what Ive been doing i can upload. Well, Of course there is always the photography that I am doing. Camera is never out of my hands at events and there have been several since my last posting. Pics listed here:
I was apprenticed to Mistress Bricia de Neubold for embroidery at EKWC two weekends ago and here is two images of that:
I embroidered a tissue cover for a Pennsic Project. I didnt get a picture of the finished project cause I finished it and mailed it off to the royalty to get it to them ontime. The only pic i had was when i first started doing it. Here is an image of the embroidery at the begining:

I have also been paying…