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Fighting Tunic

Friend needed a new fighting tunic as his was.....ahh...well saying "shot" wouldnt quite cover it. LOL! Pics later of him in it when some embellishment is done.

Coming soon....

Ive had this project in mind for a little while now, an idea given to me by my friend Adhemar regarding a badge for myself. I thought, I would have to have custom made a piece of jewelry to complete the project but...while parusing through the Michael's, I found this (cue angelic singing) and my problem is now solved.
Finished project coming soon.... *snickers*

Embroidered Apron Dress

My friend made the apron dress she wears in this picture: She asked if I could embroider it for her. Her choice of colors were red and charcoal grey. There is a blanket stitch along the top of the dress and herringbone stitch down all the seams to reinforce them. The hem has a split stitch to cover the machine stitching.
Having finished it moments ago, here are the pics of it. I will take better pictures of her wearing it at the next SCA event she attends wearing it. :D

Brown Rus Tunic

So I made and embroidered another rus tunic for my friend. Its 100% brown linen and the pattern is applied with split stitch. I again did a running tight split stitch over all the seams as well, in black thread. Here are the pics of it.

And..since I was there and it was a better backdrop, retook a few photos with him wearing the black tunic i made. Here are a couple:

Its finished!

So sometime back, I posted a comissioned group of embroideries for a friend's husbands dalmatica. Here was that post. Well, the dalmatica is finished and he was wearing it at Coronation today. Here are the pictures.

Im so very pleased with how the dalmatica turned out. Very much "squeeeeing" done on my part...and apparently his too! ;)

Oh...THEY have the buttons!! ;)

King Gregor Queen Kiena
Today at Coronation, I took a couple pictures of the garments the buttons I made were sewn to and wanted to share the end results. Awesome!