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Oh yea...

and I neglected to post that on the long ride home from Birka this weekend, I managed to finish one of the two socks. SQUEEEEE!!! (Thank you Sue!)

Busy, busy, busy

Well...this weekend I handed over 7 of the 10 requested Queen's Champion Favors for Aikaterine Fitzwilliam. They are constructed of green velvet base lined with gold linen. The black rose is velvet with glass bead work for the leaf barbing and seed center. The wings and crown are cut from same gold linen as the lining is from. The "AR" as well as the stitch work around all the applique work is split stitch.

3 more to go, mail them off...then its onto the next project on my list!

Pics of the boys in their new tunics

This is the linen tunic that was made for Kyle. and of course the wool one. It was not as heavy weight and Leo's so i could turn the edges. Will embroider on it later.

Here is the wool tunic i made for leo with red blanket stitching done on neck and cuffs. Yes its a little big but i wanted to leave room for him to grow into.
This is the purple linen tunic that was made for him as well.
Since there was a last minute reason they didn't make it to the event, Ill now have time to put decorative embroidery on them so they look spiffy. :)

*fallz ovr ded*

So the due date for a bunch of projects has been passed. Yesterday at 12th Night, Dietrich received his laurel and completed his hood two hours before his ceremonial induction. And being that I was running on massive lack of sleep, I neglected to get close ups of the completed hood. (ive asked his lady to take some for me and send them along). I do have one of him kneeling in court after he was presented with it. Here:
It is an olive colored wool with a black linen lining. The laurel leaves are black velvet with gold metal thread couched around the edges.
Also completed, per my Laurels request (and for the sake of "yea i can do better than that") i redid the embroidered arm bands on Baron Seoan's tunic. Again...self induced temporary brain damaage neglected to let me remember to take anything but this shot:

I have a few more projects on my list but these were the primary focus the last few weeks. I also made my boys four new tunics. Two wool and two linen. Pics of those wi…