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Surcoat for My Consort

So I neglected to post updated pics of my most recent embroidery project. What I was working on was a new heraldic surcoat for my consort Lord Rory MacLellan.  He use to fight in a kilt but sometime back decided to go with a more appropriate kit.  After much discussion and a great amount of assistance in designing, we came up with this.

 Materials that were used were linen fabric, DMC black embroidery thread, Coats and Clarks sewing thread and fusible webbing.

It is a sleeveless surocat to allow for movement and room for the invisible armor.  Obviously we used the fusible webbing to adhere the shapes to the surcoat then I machine stitched them to the tunic.  

In a previous post, I had shown some embroidered words I was working on. They are attached to the sides of his surcoat roughly knee level. The words say:
"Heroes non sumus nati...ispi erant'ANGULAUERUNT!"

Translation: Heroes are not made, they are cornered!

I used split stitch in contrasting colors to edge the seams…