Sunday, August 16, 2015

Viking Concert Hoodie (yea you read that right)

A little while back, a request was made of me from my guy. He jokingly said he wanted the picture from his favorite album embroidered onto a tunic.  I said no. He laughed at me, stating he wanted a period concert t-shirt since he is a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy.  Nope, nope, nope. So, he begged a little more and said..what about on a hood? It will still sit in the same spot and i see images of things on hoods all the time!! *sigh* I relented, and below is the results. 

I had made him a hood of green wool, but went a long while unembellished.  So, I found the image of his favorite album, translated the words into runes from an online translator and after a few weeks of embroidering..ta-da! 

I used DMC cotton thread and the soluble embroidery backing for the design.  The words in the circle say "Strange cousins from the west" which is the album title. The name of the band is underneath: Clutch. It is done in satin stitch, split stitch and back stitch. I did herringbone stitch to hide the machine seams.

Now, yes I know this is no way even close or remotely period. He doesn't care...he just loves that I made him a viking concert hoodie, and he walked around wearing it for nearly an hour today (in our air conditioned house..I was 80+ outside). Now, onto the next project!! :D

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