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Knighting Tunic

It was a busy couple of months. I was working on two projects simultaneously. The german brickwork pouch (previous entry) and this tunic for a friend who was being elevated to the Order of Chivalry.  At some point down the road I will get better pictures. 

The trim embroidered on the bottom of the tunic was a pattern taken from a Russian border I saw online.

 The neckline (which I don't have a picture of yet) Has an upside down heart shape with two diamonds: one within the heart and one outside of it.

The cuffs have Viking runes on them quoting great words of praise spoken by a Countess who he was champion for. The left sleeve (his sword arm as he is left handed) reads "The heart of a warrior".  The right sleeve reads "The soul of courtesy". 

Materials used in the making of the tunic:

Coats & Clark sewing thread
Splendor Twisted Silk Embroidery thread
Blue linen from

(photo taken by Christin Nosenchuk)

16th C German Brickwork Pouch

So, now that its been given away, I can post about this!! :)    It took me three months (and I blew my self imposed deadline) to embroider this german embroidered pouch.  It was an elevation gift for a friend being inducted into the order of the laurel.
(picture was taken on the dashboard of my van where I finished it en-route to Mudthaw).

The embroidery is done in brick stitch. The cording on the edges is lucet cording as well as the strings. Tassels are silk as well.

Materials include:

Splendor Silk Thread in black, white and red (her arms colors)
cotton canvas base fabric
Silk dupioni fabric for lining