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Pennsic Gift Basket Napkins

Another friend asked if I would assist with the Pennsic Gift Baskets for this year by embroidering two napkins for one of the visiting royal's baskets. She sent me the arms and two napkins and asked if I'd stitch onto these. These are the arms of TRM of the Mid Realm.

I used cotton DMC thread for durability in washing and color retention (i soaked the threads before using to prevent bleeding onto the white napkin). 

I am very pleased with how they turned out and I hope they were happy with them. I unfortunately didnt get to see them given.

Laurel "Doby Sock" Alms Purse

Many months ago, a friend approached me about making her a sock pouch to present to her apprentice for her elevation ceremony. She originally wanted it knit with her arms woven into it but, being not terribly proficient in color changing in knitting yet, I asked if it could be embroidered and she agreed. She explained that the recipient is a huge Harry Potter fan and that by presenting her with a "sock" at the start of the elevation, she would release her as her apprentice to become a laurel. I LOVED THIS IDEA!!  After inquiring about her persona, I decided to make a sock version of an alms (aumonieres) purse. Alms purses have been found through the years in several coutries: Spain, France, England to name a few.  They vary in shapes, styles and materials made in. 

Some examples:

It was from these images and a few others that I took my inspiration to create her purse.

Materials used:

Silk dupioni fabric (blue, antique gold)
Silk sewing thread
Splendor Silk 12 strand twisted…