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A New Lesson: Bayeux tapestry Stitch

I know its a bit difficult to see, but on this little piece of linen are two beasties that my Laurel sketched out for me from the Bayeux Tapestry. She is going to teach me how to do the stitching that covers that piece of lovely embroidery. They are two beasties facing one another, gryphons I believe. I have been given four colors of wool and instructions on how to do the outlining.
This is the outlining stitch I am using for the beasties.

Ive been working at it for about half an hour and have gotten the tail outlined and the startings of one of its back feet.
More updates as I progress but right now...a little WoW I think.

Ernst's book: Part 3: Assembly

Here are all the pieces laid out on Markessa's table, ready to start the assembly process of the book. With assembling the book, I had to cut the book board for the hard cover. Using the text block as a guide, I cut the book board a hair larger than the actual block. Used the exacto blade in the picture to cut through the board. (and oh boy did my hand hurt the next day!)

While I was at it, I cut the end papers to the book board size as well.

Pictured above is the three pieces cut out. Next I laid out the embroidered silk face down and laid the book board pieces in place to make sure they would line up. I lightly, and I mean VERY LIGHTLY coated the book board with glue so that it would adhere to the fabric. I did not want the glue to seep through to the silk layer, hence the very light layer of it. Once glued, we placed it under a heavy book for about ten minutes to let it set up before I started stitching the corners.

I trimmed some of the corner fabric away to lessen the thickness …

Quickie Project

Just a little something I whipped up today. The idea came to me so I ran with it. Love how it came out, though. Thinking about making this a badge for myself...hmmm.

Ernst's Book: Pt. 2 - Embroidery

So, now that the text block was assembled and being pressed, with the measurements I took off of it (with the book board thickness included in that), it was time to start the embroidery.
I bought a half yard of burgandy silk dupioni fabric that had very little slubbing in the weave. Was actually quite pleased with this as I found it at Joanne's and usually their dupioni is pretty slubby.
At the same time I purchased burgandy linen to match. I felt if I embroidered directly onto the silk with nothing behind it, it wouldnt be strong enough and the stitching would pull through or bunch up the fabric showing more of the needle holes.
I used the scroll frame pictured here to do all the embroidery.
Design...let me speak on that for a moment. Other than the "E", I had free reign to do what I wanted. Since I was told this was a gift for someone (and I still do not know who), I wanted to make the design so that it was appropriate for either a male or female. I did a lot of searching…

Ernst's Book - Part 1: Book binding

So, sometime back, around November I was asked to create an embroidered book cover as a commission project for Baron Ernst. I was given the instructions of it had to have an "E" on it and it couldn't be earlier than 13th century.
The supplies used in making this book are: 1/2 yard of silk burgandy dupioni Silk Splendor twisted floss 1/2 yard of burgandy linen (for backing and strength) Linen paper (a commercial brand readily available in stationary stores...or Walmart) Linen thread (for the sewing of the signatures) Book board Glue Decorative end papers Coats and Clarks burgandy sewing thread Binding tape
Tools used: Exacto blade Cutting pad Scissors Sewing needles Scroll stretcher frame (for embroidery) Book press Bone folder Ruler

Since my book binding experience is limited to soft leather bound books such as very early period styles, I turned to my friend Christine (Lady Markessa de Carvalhal) who is well versed and studied in this area. She was kind enough to instruct me. It was best to …

Another Quicky Project Completed

So sometime ago I started these tippets for myself but they were put on the back burner and never finished.....until today. My first set of tippets: silk velvet and white linen.

I bought the velvet on ebay and there wasnt enough to make the tippets completely out of the velvet so it was suggested by a friend that I line them with linen so I did. Project finished this evening...WAALAA!

Another Quicky Project

While on a shopping trip in Phily a week or so ago with a friend, we went to an embroidery shop there where I picked up a nice card of Splendor Silk twisted thread in a yellow green. I thought (being a period color made from a local weed called mullen it would make a nice contrasting color to decorate the blue wool hood that I made a couple years ago. Last night I did all the stitching. The pics arent the best but, you get the idea. These quick projects that finish up in a day are quite satisfying.