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A forgotten post...catching up

So my friend needed this veil repaired and i did just that. It is silk organza and very light weight and catches easily in the wind, hence why it needed repairing as it caught in a bush (?). So to weigh it down and add a little "bling" factor, I added garnet beads every inch along the edge. Took a couple days but it turned out beautiful. Here she is wearing it. :D

Super Sekrit Ninja Christmas project.....REVEALED!!

So here it is! I made this 14th/15th century hood for my friend Christin for Christmas (say that three times fast). I was able to give it to her this weekend so now I can post the pictures of it.

The outer layer is wool, with a matching blue linen lining. The entire thing is hand sewn. (yes I still do hand sew some projects...just not the full gowns for myself thank you very much)

I made self stuffed buttons out of the wool and the button holes are stitched with silk thread. The embroidery, a pattern I found online (will get link and post...just gotta find it in my bookmark list) and is split stitch done in gold silk. The beads are real garnets, as these are her favorite stone.

I promise to get pictures of her wearing it on Thursday when I see her again. It does look quite lovely on her.


So, I finished one holiday present for a friend. I have extensive pictures of it but I dont want to post them until she has been given the present, as she reads this blog and posting the images would ruin the surprise. I wont be giving it to her until the end of the month at Birka. Ah well.
In the meantime, I have been asked to create an embroidered book cover. Today I stretched the silk/linen (two layers for stability) onto the scroll frame, sketched out the pics and have started embroidering. Here is a pic:

Plan on using silk thread, gold metal thread and possibly pearls and spangles. See how the whim takes me! :D