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So I went to the cloisters today with several friends and took many, many pictures of carvings and stained glass and reliefs and such that could be all used as possible embroidered trim or designs. Also found book chemises in some of the paintings too (SQUEEEE!!) So I wanted to share the link to my photo album with you all to see all I surveyed and what I am considering using in future projects.

Big news to be released soon, though! :D Has to do with these two lovely people in this pic! is the link for the album where all my photos are!

Viking Hood

So, I mentioned sometime back that I'd made a viking hood. Here it is.
100% wool in a rust color (which this photo is making it look more orange)
The stitching is done in cotton thread for durability. I tend to use cotton thread on garb especially if its going to be washed. I do work in silk but, seriously for men's garb and how hard they can be on it sometimes, experience has proven that silk thread doesnt hold up.
The seams internally are machine sewn but all hems and such are hand stitched.

Pleased with how it came out though I think ill try another and line it with linen.

New Project

Blackwork cuffs for my friend Matt's tudor shirt. Will most likely do a collar too. :)

Its very tiny count linen...not even sure what the count is but I think I need one of those hang around the neck magnifying lenses to work with. Oh! And one of those daylight lamps. Worked on it outside in the sunlight at the bus stop and it was SOOOO much easier!

Pics later when they are done!

Crown Tourney Garb

It was a splendid day! Beautiful weather, though a little cold, but clear sunny skies! I was able to finish all the garb for my two friends that I had intended to. I would like to add a little embroidery to her red over gown, but otherwise they looked marvelous. Here are the pics:

The rus tunic he is wearing in the first image is a party colored blue/black heavy 100% linen. The colors are what is on his heraldry. There are four patches appliqued onto the tunic on the front and back on either side of the center color split. The embroideries are a grey scorpion and a blue spade, also on his device. I DID NOT embroider the patches, his lovely wife did (in the red and gold). Two of the patches were from his old fighting tunic which, in a period fashion, we removed and reused on the new one and she embroidered two more.

Her gowns are a gold fitted sleeve under gown and a bell sleeve red linen bliaut as her over gown. She chose these colors because they are on her heraldry. I did a split st…