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Project List

So, with the winter months approaching, and I am one of those people who does not emphatically enjoy the cold, at all in any way, shape or form.. (and being newly seperated) will be staying indoors and doing projects and playing video games. I am placing a project list here to help myself keep track of what I need to do/want to do. OH..and if you want.. Ill take requests on the odd chance I catch up on all that is on my list. Here goes:
- Laurel hood for Baron Dietrich who will be inducted into the Order of the Laurel in January at 12th Night.
-Laurel hood for my laurel (since I believe she said she wanted one with a more prolific laurel wreath on it)
-Three new gowns for myself that fit right and proper like I would like them to..have tried to have fit. Two out of linen ands one out of wool
-New hood for myself with embroidery on it.
-Embroidered book chemise
-Complete the embroidered tissue cover I started for myself during Pennsic.
- Complete the socks that I started knitting near two …


So I made a new outfit for Baron Seoan William O'Donovan(celtic spelling: not even gonna try it). He requested I make the outfit as part of a barter for furntiture for camping for me. So, I did. The Tan greenland style tunic I made has red bands of linen on the sleeves with split stitched embroidered bees which are what are on his dvice. The tunic itself is a natural colored linen. Also made is the green brocade jacket which is suppose to be belted with a sash but he chose to wear it on the outside for a different look. Lined with satin as well. Red linen basic loose pants complete the look. I based the outfit design off of images he linked me (which I cant find the link for at the moment). Having had worked till the last minute to get this done, I didnt get a close up of the embroidered arm bands, but have asked his wife to take an image for me and send it so I will post later along with the link for the extant pieces this outfit was inspired from.
Here is a close up of th…

New Project Completed

Here is the gold metal thread couched Pilgrims Bag I made for Queen Marguerite as her stepping down present from the Athena's Thimble Embroidery Guild. The embroidery is stitched on cotton velveteen and is padded with cotton batting.

Pennsic sewing...

So, now that the flurry of stuff for others is made and completed, ive been a mad hatter of a seamstress for myself this week. Ive made a couple of gowns, a new linen veil that will be much cooler than the silk one, and cut out a couple hoods. Last night, while watching the Two Towers, I hand sewed this:
(modeled here by my mother)
Yes it was pre-embroidered linen but it was too damn cute not to use. I wish i had more of it..Id have liked to have made a gown out of this with the embroidery at the hemline. Oh well. This works! :)
Onto more sewing..leaving in a few days for Pennsic! WOOHOO!

The finished Tiraz Bands...

These will be delivered at Pennsic to the lovely lady to whom will embellish her husband's fighting coat with them! :) Im very pleased with how they turned out.
The two lines say: " Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentations of their women" and the second line says: "On the day of victory, no man is tired"
now...onto the next project..a couple of gowns for me to wear to pennsic. If i have time..I may embroider the upper arms of the sleeves of the purple cote. Lets see how time passes..

Yes...yet another update

So..yesterday I delivered the remaining garb to my friend who was in desperate need of it. Their new additions to their wardrobe include: four new over tunics, two under tunics, two pair of braes, three pair of chauces and three hoods. That should hold them for at least a few days from having to do laundry at Pennsic this year.
Now the next project i am doing, which will be a fast one but still nice is a set of (forgive the spelling) Tiraz bands for my friend's husband's fighting coat...I think. Its turkish...which is all greek to me. :) Here is an image of the one band "written out" right before I started the embroidery, which is in black.
Ill post another pic when the embroidery is done, and perhaps at Pennsic this year, if she has time to attach them ill get a pic of them on the cote with the owner wearing it! :)
Thats whats going on so far. Once ive finished these up, I can make a gown or two for myself to wear to Pennsic this year. Im excited!


Yes it has been eons since ive posted. Life....errupted shall we say and was thrown into upheaval for me...literally. But, I am back into the swing of things, mostly. I have not been idle though as keeping my hands busy is always a means to keep me out of trouble.
What have I been doing? Lets see how many pics of what Ive been doing i can upload. Well, Of course there is always the photography that I am doing. Camera is never out of my hands at events and there have been several since my last posting. Pics listed here:
I was apprenticed to Mistress Bricia de Neubold for embroidery at EKWC two weekends ago and here is two images of that:
I embroidered a tissue cover for a Pennsic Project. I didnt get a picture of the finished project cause I finished it and mailed it off to the royalty to get it to them ontime. The only pic i had was when i first started doing it. Here is an image of the embroidery at the begining:

I have also been paying…

The Champion's Cloak was Delivered

Here is a picture of the man that the champion's cloak was intended for. He wore it for the first time at Coronation this weekend. Doesnt he look spiffy?

Ooops...I did it again...;)

Image working on the tissue cover but a side project came up that needed to be done quite quickly. Its a long story but I ended up making a new Queen's Fencing Champions Cloak for our Royalty. Duchess Roxanne and her crew made the King's Champ cloak. She sent me the directions and materials and I made this over the last two weeks. It is purple wool, lined with golden silk and embroidered with silk thread. Trimmed in gold "fringe" is the only way i can describe it.
Its modeled on my husband Doug.

This Months Project: Tissue Covers

Well, the projects request for Pennsic gifts are embroidered covers for the small packs of tissues that people carry in their bag. I had originally though of doing a blackwork pattern in red thread but the linen i have is quite fine and I dont think id be able to finish one before the deadline if I went with the pattern. So...ive chosen a different allover pattern that is counted and take about half the time, but still be just as pretty. The pattern im looking at is a large flower in diamond repeat dated back to 1601, Germany. :) (pictured left)

Ive got the linen stretched onto a mini scroll frame and plan to plug in various movies on this rainy weekend and get truckin on it. :) More photos to come as the progress advances.
Though my posts have been sparse, my hands have not been idle. I am still researching embroidered book chemises and covers..but as a small project, I embroidered this towel for my son's newly married teacher. She has a country kitchen motif so I think this will fit in nicely. Mundane in fashion..but still..embroidery. :)


I forgot to mention I am currently researching intarsia embroidery as well as book chemises and covers. Intarsia is harder to find info on than i thought. So the quest for knowledge and understanding goes on!!!


So for Birka, I made two new tunics for the boys. And a spur of the moment idea came to mind. I had this great black fabric that had gold icanthus leaves on it so i made a fake sleeve and added it to the boys tunics so it looked like two! Here are the images:

Kind of hard to see Kyle's but its exactly like Leo's only in blue linen. They loved these new tunics (greenland style) and Leo insisted on sleeping in his that night. :)

Lax in posting i know

Well, just cause i havent posted doesnt mean im not busy! :) I am working on favors for the Princess (which ill post an image of later when im back from taking the boys to school) and im making a viking tunic for my husband for his birthday and two for the boys so we all have viking to wear for Birka in two weeks. Eventually Ill make pants too but..well I am not the most proficient with pants for some reason. My husband says they are either so big he has to pull them up to his chest or they are as low as Brittany Spears pants...or worse...they fit like MC Hammers. LOL! i need work there.
Ok time to get the kids to school!