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Pin On Heralic Sleeves

This past weekend I was the consort for a friend in Crown Tourney here in the East Kingdom. I decided i wanted to make a set of pin on sleeves to go with my persona's garb and took it a little further making them mine and my consort's heraldry, to honor him.

The materials I used were:
Silk dupioni
Grey linen (for lining)
Antique Satin (because purple and green silk were unavailable in my area)
Silk sewing thread and embroidery thread
Coats and Clark sewing thread
Fusible webbing

I measured my arm making a pattern with some muslin initially. then I began building the 'arms'. I used the fusible webbing to keep the device shapes in place while i used split stitch, chain stitch and couching stitches to embellish and hold the appliqued pieces to the ground fabric.
Then I cut them to match the muslin shape along with the linen lining and sewed them by machine. The hems were done by hand with silk sewing thread.

Two pictures of them below.

Figured I'd add these...

Countess Thyra asked me to make a couple of needle cases for her. Here is a picture of them. They are silk embroidery thread on linen with wool 'pages' inside.