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Looking for Ideas

So in my cleaning of bedroom today I came across this lovely piece of fabric. Its a little over a yard and I'm trying to come up with something SCA related to use if for. Wouldn't dare use it for anything for my boys as its too nice and well, they are boys...nuff said.
I have had an intriguing suggestion of using to make a girdle book! I can bead it up some. that or a cushion cover. If I chose to go with the girdle book idea, I'd need to learn how to create the knot that is tied at the end. From my understanding there is a specific type of knot that is used. I would love input as well from my blogspot friends. :D

So I got closer up shots of Master Dietrich's Laurel Hood I made for him...

He also has some for me that he took that will be forthcoming im told. Im so very proud of this! :D