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A Pennsic We Will least my projects do!

It was a busy few weeks leading up to Pennsic.  I was making items to be delivered to people there. I had a request for four Queen's Order of Courtesy roses for gloves by his Majesty.  I embroidered them using stranded silk on linen fabric. They are pictured below:

Her highness requested a stouter surcoat for herself to wear while she did combat archery in the battles.  I created one based off the shape of one of the Prince surcoat that is in the regalia.  It is constructed of linen with appliqued roses and the crown on both front and back. I used a modern iron on adhesive to adhere it to the linen and then used a blanket stitch on the edges to embellish it and aid in fraying prevention

Here are a couple pictures of her Highness Matilde wearing it into battle.

Another project that went to war as a surprise for their Highness's of the East were two pilgrim bags for their retainers to carry their daily necessary items in.  They are constructed of navy blue wool and embroidered …

Tunics for Everyone!!

In a previous post, I'd stated how a friend commissioned me to make two tunics for him. One for wearing during battle and one to wear that was fancier. After a little bit of time (and RL interference) I was able to complete it. It is made of linen with cotton thread for embellishment.  He said his second favorite animal is the raven so I added that in on the design. I embellished edges with double herringbone stitch and then running stitches alongside those.

He said it was "amazeballs" when he saw it. I'll take that!

Next up.....ANOTHER PELICAN!!!!


I was asked to do some knitting and embroidery by a friend for a mutual friend. How could I say no??!! It's two of my favorite things to do!  But...there is a twist! :D My friend Mary Jo asked me to knit socks for our friend Patricia. One pair in her favorite colors, purple and green and one pair in the colors of the Order of the Pelican: red and ermine.  I asked my dyer to dye me up some pelican colored yarn and then I got to work.  Here are pictures of the socks..pretty self explanatory. They are superwash merino and nylon.

Afterwards, I started on the medallion embroidery she wanted me to do.  I used silk embroidery threads on white linen base.  She wanted it small, so I made it small. I am fairly certain this is the smalled Pelican I have ever made in any medium.

Since her favorite colors are purple and green, I incorporated them into the medallion. It was turned into a pin by Mary Jo and given to her this past weekend, along with the socks, when Patricia was elevated. 

The …

Bhakail Investiture Embroidered Hoods

A short time back, a friend contacted me asking if I would embroider two white linen hoods for their baronial investiture. I was passed the hoods at a previous event and asked that I embroider them with a design of three trees and two red feathers. The trees were a maple tree, pine tree and oak tree.

I am very pleased with how they turned out and happy they are as well.

Pelican Cloak Commission

A few months back, a friend approached me with a commission project to embroider a pelican in piety badge for her peerage cloak.  The needle felted pelican on her cloak had started to deteriorate with age and she asked if I could make one to cover over it.  I agreed.

Red Linen Fabric
DMC Cotton Threads
Edging tape

I am very happy with how this turned out. She asked for the badge to be more personalized by adding the SCA Chiurgeon's badge as that is what she received her peerage for.   The image my inspiration came from was this:
I tried my best to create the feeling of how feathers would appear within the stitching and I am pleased with how it looks.
She received the cloak on Friday evening and is very happy with it.

Middle Kingdom Gifts

I created embroidered covers for two blank books that were to be gifted to the visiting royals of the Mid Realm on Saturday as they attended the Coronation of Ioannes and Honig.

My original plan was to hand bind the books as well, but as these are intended to be used over their coming reign (which means through Pennsic War) my hand bound book would not have withstood the rigors of that type of use. So I opted for a commercially made blank journal, which has the integrity to take months of constant use they will get.

The cover fabrics were dupioni silk and the ground fabric for the shield embroideries was white linen.  The threads used were Splendor Silk twisted embroidery threads.  While I embroidered the arms on white linen as a base, the spine embroideries were directly on the ground silk fabric.  Obviously, the shield embroidery is Middle Kingdom arms of the King and Queen. Though they were Prince and Princess when given yesterday, their Coronation is to happen in the next couple w…

Tiny Embroidery!

Recent project finished was six small embroidered designs for TRH of the East garb. They are embroidered in cotton thread on linen for durability.  The designs are images from their personal coat of arms and the blue tiger of the East.

Once they have been appliqued to the garb, I will get photos of TRH wearing them.

Commissioned Tunic

This tunic is one of two that I was commissioned to make for a friend. This one will be for fighting in.  It is black linen with herringbone embroidery on the collar, cuffs and hem.  The seams have split stitch on them to hide the machine stitching (I'm not crazy!) and on the sleeves is the boar from his device.  I am very pleased with how this turned out.

The next tunic is blue and is a court or non fighting tunic. As the embroidery progresses I will post pictures of that.