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Whipped this up last night...

Found this adorable bib in my stash of mundane craft supplies. Made it up last night in about three hours for my adorable niece.


The commissioned piece is finally complete! Six rhondels and four pieces of trim (one 96 inches long and the other 29 inches long) for a Dalmatica for my friend Kellie! (well for her husband actually) This is a combined project for A&S in the SCA. She is hand sewing the great rusty colored linen tunic and then appliqueing these embroidered pieces onto it. It is our hope to display it at Pennsic on the A&S display. Ill scan in the documentation (Khatife/Kellie did most of the research, i found a little more on the embroidery) and post it a little later when my niece is asleep! (she's already grumping Im typing this in and NOT paying attention to her!)
Not sure what else to do with my time now. LOL! This took 13 weeks!! Ive discovered I dont embroider quite as quickly as I thought I did. Laurel tells me "When embroidering, figure out how long you think the project will take...then double that." Words of wisdom.