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Still here...

Just a quick post to say I am still here and am still working on projects.  Currently I am knitting on two pair of socks (one for an auction I offered a pair in), working on a cloak for a peerage elevation, a silk banner (slow going cause the silk is being difficult) and am plotting many other projects as well. Another blackwork coif, goblet cover, embroidered bag in german brick stitch, etc.

End of school year and work has me crazy and exhausted that a lot of times i fall asleep on the sofa at 8pm. Don't worry..ill post pics soon. thanks for sticking around.


So, while cleaning up my sewing/craft area in the basement, I came across my binder of documentation from projects that predate this blog and were saved on a computer that long ago died and was disposed of. So, I spent a good hour of my evening scanning them in and posting them on google docs.  Posting them here so I can save the links as well as share.

15th c Men's Goldwork hood:

Appliqued Heraldic Banner

Blackwork Chalice Cover

Blackwork Coif

German Brickwork Pouch

Embroidered Men's 14th c Embroidered Hood

Gothic era Outfit…

"I've Got a New Attitude!!!!" (you know you're hearing the song in your head now)

Did you ever have some bad news in your life and it just hits you hard? How about multiple accounts of bad news fairly close together?   Yea, that was me the last couple weeks.  It hit me hard and took the wind out of my sails. I was more than sad for a few weeks. It doesn't matter what the news was (no one died, no one is sick so don't worry there) but what matters is it mattered to me. It brought me to a point where I thought I might quit one of my most favorite hobbies of playing in the SCA.  That's when it occurred to me that somewhere along the line and over the last few years, I'd lost the fun playing in the SCA.  I was always worrying about working on my peerage track and about how accurate my clothing was, how I acted, what I did and said with my teachers that I forgot to do the most important thing - to have fun. I was over committing myself with projects that I never had time to make anything for myself or my family, including new garb for myself because I h…

Socks of Freedom!

Her Majesty came to me some time back asking me to knit a small sock in the East Kingdom's colors.  She wanted to give it to a kingdom officer that was stepping down from his office. His knick name was "Doby". So, how else do you free a Doby?? You give him a sock!!
I give you...the East Kingdom Doby Socks of Freedom!!
They are hand knit with super wash merino wool and nylon. 

Embroidered Tunic

A friend contacted me and asked if I could embroider a tunic for him. I assumed he wanted me to construct one and embroider it but he sent me a blue linen tunic via SCA courier.  I thought adding black embroidered linen to the blue tunic would be more dressy.  Also, in period, embroidery was done on separate pieces of linen then appliqued onto the garment so that when the garment deteriorated beyond wearing, they could remove the embroidery and attach it to a new garment. Materials used were black linen fabric and Splendor silk embroidery thread.  Stitches used were double herringbone stitch and split stitch. 

I am very pleased with how it came out.

Dying to Try Something New...

A friend of mine sent me some un dyed yarn and some samples of dyes to give a try at hand painting yarn.  Decided to give it a whirl the other day.  Soaked the DK weight yarn that was superwash merino and silk in water that had citric acid mixed in. I used the plastic wrap and microwave method since I don't have anything more appropriate for doing heat dying. (a friend uses stainless steel bowls on her cook top)  I used the sapphire blue and bright yellow, which ended up mixing and making a lovely green as well. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I have two more skeins to dye and also a sock blank. I post results when done! :D

East Kingdom Queen's Guards Baldrics

While M.I.A. from the SCA for three months due to postal job hell, I was not idle with projects. Aside from various pairs of socks I made, I took on a project of making baldrics for the Queen's Guard to wear at SCA functions. They had several baldrics but they didn't have enough for all the guards on staff and some had seen better days. So, I thought this would be something to keep me busy but still keep me involved behind the scenes.

 I hand embroidered each rose and then appliqued them onto a purple baldric that I backed and trimmed in matching yellow fabric. In total there were 35 to start, but...there was a corgi puppy incident with then there was 34.   Materials used were a thick cotton for durability, cotton DMC thread, again for durability and cost factor.  I am very pleased to have them completed and very happy with how they turned out.


Life has been crazy but good. There have been job changes, lots of projects and fun.  This will be the first of a couple posts, just so as not to make them so long.

I had a job with the Postal Service that kept me from getting to events because my hours were every Saturday and Sunday. I made it to Coronation here in the East Kingdom and that was the last event until this past weekend with 12th Night.  In between then, my wonderful and beautiful sister in law treated me to my dream trip of going to Italy. We did a whirlwind tour of all the great places to see in 9 days.  My favorite place to see and eat at was the Almafi Coast and Positano.  I had my first limoncello there and fell madly in love with it. I brought home a bottle of it and it included a recipe.  I thought I would give it a whirl when we got home and the bottle was quickly emptied between my husband and I. So, I got the supplies and followed the very simple recipe with one change. The italian's use grain alcohol like …