Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Second Pennsic Gift Basket book

I completed the second and final book for the Pennsic War gift baskets. This one is (obviously) for the Mid Realm. I am very, very pleased with how the embroidery turned out. I had concerns about the detail with it being so tiny but I like it and I hope their Majesties of the Mid realm do as well.
I used split stitch and stem stitch in the embroidery.  I did not fill in the wings completely in hopes to create a thin gossamer look like the images of dragons in illuminations and artwork. I did not base this off of any period piece.
The next one I make is for me! (No, really...I swear it!)
Materials used:
Splendor Silk Embroidery thread
white linen
white silk sewing thread
Small commercial blank journal purchased at Staples ($3.00)


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pennsic Gift Basket

Sometime ago I was asked if I could make two embroidered book covers for the Pennsic Gift Baskets.  Here is the first one. I embroidered the arms and covered an existing commercial journal that I found at the local office supply store.
Materials used:
Red linen
Gold pallions
Splendor silk embroidery thread
Red coats and clark sewing thread
Commercial lined journal measuring 3x5

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Another pair of socks done for my sister! I am so a sock knitting addict.

Master of Defense Glove

I was honored by my friend and asked to make a Master of Defense glove for a mutual friend.  Now that it has been given, I can post the photos of it. I did not make the glove itself, which is leather, it was sent to me to put embroidered patches of the recipients arms and the Master of Defense symbol.

My guy Ryan, who is infinitely better at drawing, sketched out the patterns for me and I transferred them to the sulky stabilizer (BEST EMBROIDERY INVENTION EVER!!). I then put that on top of the linen under the hoop and embroidered the outline of the image and then tore it away.

When embroidery was done, I appliqued it onto the glove with silk thread and then couched the silver metal thread over top.  The last picture shows him being presented with it by the Queen of the East.

With the making of this glove, I have now made regalia for every peerage. I am very honored I was asked to make this and all the things I have made in the past. LOL, Makes me feel like I'm doing something right! ;)

Materials used:

Leather glove
Silk Splendor twisted embroidery thread
Silver Japanese metal thread
Silver passing thread
White linen
Sulky Water soluble embroidery stabilizer




Sunday, June 14, 2015

Laurel Vigil Book

I made this vigil book for a friend that was elevated yesterday.  Thought I did not base the design off of any historical piece, the gold work techniques were used on several books made in the 1500's. The signatures were stitched together with a Coptic stitch. The shield was done in split stitch.
Velvet fabric
linen fabric (base of shield applique)
Parchment Paper
Silk Embroidery Thread
Gold metal thread
Gold boullion




Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oldie but a Goodie

12 years ago, I made this black work coif for myself when I was entertaining ideas of doing Elizabethan. I found out then that I love doing black work but not wearing the garb for that era.  Here is the coif I made for myself and have since gifted to a good friend who does wear that time period garb. It looks amazing on her.

The pattern was taken from the Jane Bostock sampler of 1598
The materials used were linen fabric, silk thread single strand and gold pallions. Also white satin ribbon for the ties.

There are things I have learned since then about black work that I would do differently such as I would now extend the blackwork just past the outline of the coif shape so that I have complete stitching to the hemlines. I know some of the work would get stitched inside and not seen but better than having the blank white linen showing. You see some at the top seam too but not as badly.  All the embroidery took me 7 months roughly and I think at that point, the end being in sight I was anxious to be done and put it together.  I was a little less patient 12 years ago, if you can imagine. :D

I am entertaining doing another one and possibly just using it for displays. I love doing black work embroidery so much. Perhaps ill make one and sell it or donate it to a travel auction for future royals.  Its addicting!
(thank you to my guy Ryan for being my hand model)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Pelican Hood

A friend asked if I would make a light weight Pelican hood for the warmer weather (as he has a heavy double layer wool hood he was elevated in).  This hood I made is of a light weight linen and has "ermine" trim that I purchased at Calontir trim at Pennsic.
The hood was received so now I can post the images.