Monday, January 19, 2015


So I have made many more pairs of socks since the ones I've last posted that were for my son. :D
WARNING: Sock Picture Overload Occuring!!!!

I think I'm addicted to knitting socks. Next knitting project will be learning to do mittens/gloves!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Laurel Cloak

It has now been presented so I can freely post about it.  This weekend a friend was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. I was contacted to create the cloak for her.  I was given a design to create and the base fabric of the cloak.

Materials were:

Wool blend green fabric
Antique satin in gold
gold silk embroidery twisted thread
green Coats & Clark sewing thread.
fusible webbing

The design was given to me as it was appropriate for her persona so I went along with it. I adhered the leaves with the webbing for a more secure hold and then did a blanket stitch along each leaf for both durability and texture. I lined the cloak with the same fabric to hide all the stitching.

I felt it needed a bit more so I added the running stitching along the hem line. It made it pop that much better in my opinion.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Yet Another Embroidered Book

A year ago, when a friend of mine was created Princess of the East Kingdom, the embroidery guild I am a part of, Athena's Thimble, called for a volunteer to create the Queen's present to be presented to her as she stepped down at the end of her reign. I volunteered. 

Our beloved Queen (now Countess as of today) has a love of mermaids. It was on her favor that was given out.  So, to follow along with this, I found a historical embroidery pattern with just that.

Materials used:
Blue linen
YLI White silk embroidery thread
Handspun white silk thread (by myself)
YLI Black silk embroidery thread (lucet cord and tassel)
Gold braid (commercial)
Au Vera Soie Blue silk sewing thread
fresh water pearl
Blank bound journal

Pattern taken from New Carolingian Modelbook, page 154.  Winged Undine, Urn and Cherub Border Panel.   Venetian, mid-16th century.  Original was red silk on white linen done in Spanish Stitch. Shown in Pictorial History of Embroidery

I changed the colors to blue white and black to coincide with her personal device colors. The pictures below do not show the bookmark cord and tassel that I added on the ride out to the event this morning.

I  love how this came out.

Front cover

Center spine

Back cover

Inside left page

Inside right back page

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Western Colors

So, on a spur of the moment decision (after his parents had to cancel their trip out to see us last minute) we packed up the van and drove out to Wyoming to see them. While I was there, I brought along all sorts of crafty stuff including a kit i bought from a local yarn shop to make a shawl.  The pattern for it is here:

As I was working on it, I decided it really looked very western in colors (like the deserts that were around his family's house) and that I would give it to his mother.  It wasn't long after that she commented on how the colors were beautiful and couldn't wait to see me model it.  I finished it on Tuesday morning early and presented it to her while she was drinking her morning coffee.  Her face was priceless. I told her the payment would be to let me take photos of her modeling it so I could post it to my blog.  Here they are.

I loved the pattern and as a friend mentioned it is a good piece to do with scraps of yarn you may have. I will definitely make one for myself and it was easy peasy!

Friday, June 20, 2014

An update...

Sometime ago I started working on embroidered apprentice and protoge tipits with my two peers arms embroidered on them. I had put them on the wayside for a while but have picked them back up again.

Here is an update on the apprentice tippet:

Post more when more is done! And FTR I hate stranded silk! Twisted is so much easier! :D

A Newly Taught Craft: Teneriffe lace

So my friend Sue came over last night on crafty night and taught me how to do a version of needle lace called teneriffe lace.  It was quite fun and went fairly quickly. I produced one in a little over an hour. Here are the pictures of it.

First you start with a round needle point type disk and you stitch around the edges to create what will anchor it on while you weave.

Then you add the first Row of stitched around and knot it in the center to give them tension and hold them in place.

Then you put weave three rows round the center going over every four strands.

Then you move a little ways up, using your own personal judgement and weave over four again.

You do the same on the next row but you pick up differing four's to make the weave more decorative.

On the last round you go over two's and when finished you knot it off, and cut away the blue anchoring threads.

This is the finished result. 

It was made out of cotton thread (as it was given to me for free to do my trial disk).
I really enjoyed it and would most certainly do it again. I saw it used in period on an apron and may consider this path down the road when making more.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A couple more projects done

Well, I have been busy lately and feel ashamed i have not posted anything since March. is a catch up!
First, I knit another pair of socks..this time its a pair for my son Leo. Just a basic pattern, a soft acrylic yarn (kids are tough on clothes so no fancy wool for them right now)...nothing special. I have the concept down fairly well now.  I think the next pair will be something more elaborate on the cuff. Then perhaps Ill work down to a design on the foot itself.

Next, I finished a project I had actually started a little while ago for a friend who has honey bees. I saw it, immediately thought of her and started it. Its DMC cotton thread on linen, though I don't recall the count.

Lastly, a friend asked me to make a medallion so I embroidered this for her. It is one strand of twisted silk done on linen, over two.  I had to actually purchase a pair of reading glasses to be able to see the tiny weave to embroider it.  Im quite pleased with how it came out.  I placed a quarter in the picture to show size. 

I have a few more projects on my list I am working on. More as I finish them.