Quicky Project

So, some time back, it was suggested to me that since I snap pictures like a paparazzi, i should have a badge. After consulting with a Laurel friend of mine (Thank you, Adhemar!), he helped me design something that would be schticky and adorable. Today I worked this embroidery in stranded silk thread on a small piece of white linen. When we were talking about it originally, he said I should find or have made some type of little arched window to put the little embroidered bug in. While I happen to be looking over the clearance rack at Michael's, I came across this little charm. It was perfect (and cheap)! So during my lunch break at work today, and the afternoon break while the kids watched a movie, I embroidered this bug, thus completing my badge.

I give you, The Shutter-bug!

Every paparazzi has to have a press badge, right? *snerk*

Thanks again Adhemar! It's finally done!


  1. So very cute!!! You are so good at embroidery. I donated many of my gowns but not the ones you embroidered!


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