Ernst's book: Part 3: Assembly

Here are all the pieces laid out on Markessa's table, ready to start the assembly process of the book.
With assembling the book, I had to cut the book board for the hard cover. Using the text block as a guide, I cut the book board a hair larger than the actual block. Used the exacto blade in the picture to cut through the board. (and oh boy did my hand hurt the next day!)

While I was at it, I cut the end papers to the book board size as well.

Pictured above is the three pieces cut out. Next I laid out the embroidered silk face down and laid the book board pieces in place to make sure they would line up. I lightly, and I mean VERY LIGHTLY coated the book board with glue so that it would adhere to the fabric. I did not want the glue to seep through to the silk layer, hence the very light layer of it. Once glued, we placed it under a heavy book for about ten minutes to let it set up before I started stitching the corners.

I trimmed some of the corner fabric away to lessen the thickness and then mitered the corners stitching it with burgandy thread.

Once all corners were stitched, I again applied a light layer of glue to the inside flaps to keep them from slipping or lifting during the process of gluing the block text in.

Next I began gluing in the text block by gluing the outer pages to the inside of the book over the mitered corners, making sure to press from the spine of the text block outwards towards the covers edge.

After letting that sit for a short, I glued in the end papers in the same fashion as I glued in the pages of the text block.

I applied two small strips of gold braid trim to the outer edges of the cover and then the book was complete.

Here are pictures of all sides of it.

Inside Cover showing End paper
Inside book showing blank text block.

Im quite pleased with how it went. One or two things Id do differently and a couple lessons I learned in making a book like this but it will allow me to improve on it with the next one.


  1. It is absolutely lovely. Well done. :-)


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