Two years later.....DONE!!! (procrastination at its finest)

Well, this was a "christmas present" that should have been completed two years ago but a mix of getting busy, moving, kids, procrastination and a little bit of fear had me not finish this piece till last week.  Its a viking wool tunic for a good friend of mine.  The  pattern at the neckline was actually his own design from his college days. I secretly photographed it and saved it to recreate it as embroidered trim, which is what is on the neckline.  On the arms, are knot work snakes as a tip o the hat to his household's arms.  I think the fear of properly executing the neck trim embroidery so as to do the design proper justice is what kept me from completing this project sooner.  All in all, I am happy with how it came out (once I sucked up the nerve and did it).

The tunic is a worsted wool and the trim is silk fabric with Splendor Silk embroidery threads used on the design, the snake knot work and the seam finishing on the cuffs, collar and hem.  


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