Birthday Apron Dress

Another project off my to do list for others! My good friend's birthday was about two weeks ago and as a present, because I miss her so much, I promised her I'd make her an apron dress for her Viking garb.  I used red linen (the second picture shows the true red. The first picture has it really orange for some reason) and silk embroidery thread by Splendor.  I did running stitches in white silk to tack down the seams and did a split stitch over the seams itself for strength and beauty. 
It was mailed to her this morning so after she receives it, Ill get a picture of her wearing it.  I'm very pleased with it. I put my own jewelry on it so you can see how it will look once embellished with jewelry. 
(close up of split stitch and running stitch on seams)

(sorry for the mess on my table..was prepping for an event)


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