Hand bound and Embroidered Memory book

So, now that it has been presented to the recipient, I can post about it. This is m latest embroidered and hand bound book. It was a joint project with another SCA friend. It was originally her idea and I happily agreed to it. It is a memory book of the investiture for Dragonship Haven that happened in February.  The pages of the book are memorable pictures of the day that are printed onto nice paper, guilded and calliagraphed.  The pages were then sent to me and I bound the book with an embroidered cover.
Silk Dupioni
Splendor Silk Embroidery Thread
Small piece of white linen (for backing)
book board
coats and clark sewing thread
decorative end papers
I made this book in the same fashion as I made the book that my Pelican commissioned from me a couple years ago (link to that post w/detailed pictures: http://theembroideress.blogspot.com/2012/03/ernsts-book-part-3-assembly.html.
The cover is embroidered in silks. My inspiration for the cover came from this cover from England, 1596:
I didn't use all elements of the book cover because of a lack of funds for the bouillon and gold metal thread.   Since it was for the investiture day, I changed the coat of arms in the middle to be the arms of Dragonship Haven, as well as the initials to reflect the new Baron and Baroness.

I am very pleased with how it came out as was my co-conspirator and Baron Joseph and Baroness Bronwen.   I have an itch to embroider more, but next up is a tunic for a friend.
Stay tuned!


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