And so it begins...

It is September 1st and as I promised myself I would start this project. A few questions were going through my mind during the last few days. I was making a list of projects for myself that I could work on over the coming 12 months. What would I create? I know that they would not all be for myself, as I stated before, my two boys are growing faster than i can sew. There will be items in there for them as well. So with that in mind, I've decided on a first project. My mentor said a while ago, before this blog project was even a thought in my head, that I should make a full viking outfit for myself to wear to the up coming SCA event, Birka. My husband is switching to a viking persona so I thought I would make an outfit for myself (and the boys of course) as well. And a Pennsic or two ago he came home with a set of Viking half dome brooches for me and I've never worn them yet. With that decision, Ive decided to split the outfit up over two months so i can get it done well and even get some embroidery on it. Apron Dress and coif for this month and possibly under gown and hose for next month. I wont attempt shoes as my leather working skills are very minimal. That's not to say that later I wont give it a shot, but for now..I'm sticking to the fabric/embroidery projects.

So I have actually already started some research online at various web sites and I have a book on Viking clothing that I will get the chance to read now that dearest husband is done with it (now he has to resurface it from the catastrophe that is his office and give it back to me). That will happen tonight before we leave for a weekend trip.

The under gown will be linen and the apron dress will be a wool of course. Linen hose and coif as well. I have thoughts of making a linen apron dress as well for the warmer days that may come before Birka but..lets see how the wool one comes along first. The wool will be what I have to purchase as of right now as I never seem to keep good wool like that in my stash for long. :)

Alrighty!! Off to cut a path through his office in search of my book!!


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