Project List

So, with the winter months approaching, and I am one of those people who does not emphatically enjoy the cold, at all in any way, shape or form.. (and being newly seperated) will be staying indoors and doing projects and playing video games. I am placing a project list here to help myself keep track of what I need to do/want to do. OH..and if you want.. Ill take requests on the odd chance I catch up on all that is on my list. Here goes:

- Laurel hood for Baron Dietrich who will be inducted into the Order of the Laurel in January at 12th Night.

-Laurel hood for my laurel (since I believe she said she wanted one with a more prolific laurel wreath on it)

-Three new gowns for myself that fit right and proper like I would like them to..have tried to have fit. Two out of linen ands one out of wool

-New hood for myself with embroidery on it.

-Embroidered book chemise

-Complete the embroidered tissue cover I started for myself during Pennsic.

- Complete the socks that I started knitting near two months ago (my first pair..I WILL FINISH THEM!!!)

So far thats what I have. It is always subject to change.


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