Faux Braided hair buns

It has been some time since I have posted any updates....but don't think I havent been busy! I attended Crown Tourney with my Pelican in May in Halifax, NS.  For the occasion I decided I needed to dress up my look. :) Having seen a good friend make a pair of these for herself, I asked if she minded if I made myself a pair (Thanks Vienna!)

So here is how I went about doing it:

I purchased some fake hair from a local store and some gold ribbon, tulle and coated wire.

 It was fairly close to my hair color. I had a hard time finding one that matched my own.
I found this lovely gold braid in Joanne Fabrics and braided it into the hair so it would peek through here and there.

 Formed two rings about 4" across out of the covered wire and joined together.
 I crisscrossed some gold metallic ribbon to make a woven look over the tulle i wrapped around the wire. I left the tulle loose so that it could be filled by the hair.
 Here is the pocket with the gold ribbon stitched on.
 I took the braid end and started stitching it around the wire covered pocket until i reached the end of the braid, then tucked the rest inside and stitched it in place making it fill the tulle pocket.
 I then stitched some pearls onto the crossing points of the gold metallic ribbon.

 I attached the buns to a gold ribbon that fits snuggly to my head.

Here is the complete look as i wore it at crown tourney in may.

All in all very pleased with how they came out. I think ill adjust the buns to the ribbon a bit as they slipped some by the end of the night. Whether it was the veil stretching or just shifting. Loved how it looked.

My inspiration and my "wonderbun twin"!


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