Monday, February 25, 2013

Swap Gift

Now that the gift has been received, I can post the pictures of the embroidered book cover I made for a gentle in Nova Scotia.

I based the design from this image:
The materials I used were:
Silk embroidery thread
Gold spangles
Blue raw silk for the ground fabric
Black linen (for lining and protecting the interior embroidery threads)

My original plan in making this gift was to find a small bible (his persona is christian and he had several pater noster already) and embroider a cover to fit it. In period, the wealthy would have commissioned a book of hours to carry with them. It would have had a cover either an elegantly tooled leather cover or an embroidered one. This was my plan. However...there was a grievous lack of tiny bibles in my area so I improvised and found a small journal at the local Staples and created the cover for that.

Im very pleased with how this cover came out. I recalled a couple of issues I had with the last book cover I made and made sure to correct these.  I was thrilled with his response of when he received it. :D 
          "So. I got a really awesome embroidered book cover from Jennifer L. Guyton. I fully intend to use the everloving crap out of it. :) Look how pretty it is!"

SQUEEEE!! Already planning the next cover!


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