Something I forgot..

Just a quick blurb about a project I assisted on this summer. When Countess Alethea Eastriding was elevated to the Order of the Pelican, I was asked to help make a cloak for her. So along with the help of Lady Ysemay Sterlyng, Baroness Mathilde de Cadenet and Lady Alienaora (hope I spelled that correctly), we put together a beautiful cloak for her.  
Here is a shot I took of here after the cloak was placed on her:

Unfortunately I didnt get a close up of the Pelican symbol that I assisted in embroidering so I will post the one shot I have of it here (this was prior to it being attached to the cloak).

It is made of silk dupioni fabric and embroidered with Splendor Silk embroidery threads.  Baroness Mathilde helped me embroider this piece.  We appliqued it onto the back of the cloak and couched gold metal trim around it.  It looked beautiful.


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