Oldie but a Goodie

12 years ago, I made this black work coif for myself when I was entertaining ideas of doing Elizabethan. I found out then that I love doing black work but not wearing the garb for that era.  Here is the coif I made for myself and have since gifted to a good friend who does wear that time period garb. It looks amazing on her.

The pattern was taken from the Jane Bostock sampler of 1598
The materials used were linen fabric, silk thread single strand and gold pallions. Also white satin ribbon for the ties.

There are things I have learned since then about black work that I would do differently such as I would now extend the blackwork just past the outline of the coif shape so that I have complete stitching to the hemlines. I know some of the work would get stitched inside and not seen but better than having the blank white linen showing. You see some at the top seam too but not as badly.  All the embroidery took me 7 months roughly and I think at that point, the end being in sight I was anxious to be done and put it together.  I was a little less patient 12 years ago, if you can imagine. :D

I am entertaining doing another one and possibly just using it for displays. I love doing black work embroidery so much. Perhaps ill make one and sell it or donate it to a travel auction for future royals.  Its addicting!
(thank you to my guy Ryan for being my hand model)


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