Procrastination...the word of the day

So...because of prior projects that needed to get done for a deadline i procrastinated some on my projects for here. But..i have caught up..some. This weekend while at Mother in laws for the weekend, I took use of the very long dining room table. The caftan coat is cut out as well as the blue linen undergown. Since i stupidly forgot my camera at home, tomorrow while the boys are at school I will lay out the cut pieces and take pics of them to post here. Then i will be sewing them up this week. I am on the look out for a nice broach to pin the caftan shut as that was the proper closure used: one large broach at the neckline. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions of where to find a nice one? Please let me know. to my Mom's house to get some time in there! More updates tomorrow!


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