Master of Defense Glove

I was honored by my friend and asked to make a Master of Defense glove for a mutual friend.  Now that it has been given, I can post the photos of it. I did not make the glove itself, which is leather, it was sent to me to put embroidered patches of the recipients arms and the Master of Defense symbol.

My guy Ryan, who is infinitely better at drawing, sketched out the patterns for me and I transferred them to the sulky stabilizer (BEST EMBROIDERY INVENTION EVER!!). I then put that on top of the linen under the hoop and embroidered the outline of the image and then tore it away.

When embroidery was done, I appliqued it onto the glove with silk thread and then couched the silver metal thread over top.  The last picture shows him being presented with it by the Queen of the East.

With the making of this glove, I have now made regalia for every peerage. I am very honored I was asked to make this and all the things I have made in the past. LOL, Makes me feel like I'm doing something right! ;)

Materials used:

Leather glove
Silk Splendor twisted embroidery thread
Silver Japanese metal thread
Silver passing thread
White linen
Sulky Water soluble embroidery stabilizer





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