Second Pennsic Gift Basket book

I completed the second and final book for the Pennsic War gift baskets. This one is (obviously) for the Mid Realm. I am very, very pleased with how the embroidery turned out. I had concerns about the detail with it being so tiny but I like it and I hope their Majesties of the Mid realm do as well.
I used split stitch and stem stitch in the embroidery.  I did not fill in the wings completely in hopes to create a thin gossamer look like the images of dragons in illuminations and artwork. I did not base this off of any period piece.
The next one I make is for me! (No, really...I swear it!)
Materials used:
Splendor Silk Embroidery thread
white linen
white silk sewing thread
Small commercial blank journal purchased at Staples ($3.00)



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